David Martin

My name is David Martin.  I lived and worked in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia from December, 1997 through July, 1999.

I had a wonderful time exploring the Georgia Republic and some nearby countries.   It is a beautiful country with a thousand year history.   And the Georgians are wonderful hosts.

These pages share some of my adventures.   They are much more of a diary than a travel guide, but I would be happy to answer any questions from anyone traveling to Georgia.


Some of My Friends

Expeditions Around Georgia -- 1999

Expeditions Around Georgia -- 1998

Camping Trip to Racha -- May 1999

Svanetti, the Caucasus Mountains -- August 1998

Western Georgia and Turkey -- May 1998

August 1998 Trip to Racha

May, 1999 Trip to Batumi, Black Sea Resort

Skiing, January, 1998

Bakuriani, September, 1998

June, 1999 Trip to Shatili and the border with Chechnia

Vardzia Cave City, July 1998

Bochorma, May 1999

Gori -- Stalin's Birthplace

Terek Canyon and Kazbegi, June 1999

Tedzami Canyon and Rkoni Monastery

Svanetti, the Caucasus Mountains -- July 1999

My Trip Home -- Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic

Baku, Azerbaijan

In 2018 I returned to Georgia as a tourist to see what had changed in the past twenty years.  click here

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