Ma'in Hot Springs

Friday is not a working day in Jordan and three of us decided to take a day trip to the Dead Sea and some hot springs in a valley above the Sea. I picked up Phyllis and Teresa at 10:00 and we were off.

The drive to the Dead Sea takes less than an hour and it is all downhill. We followed the shoreline for several miles then turned and climbed steeply. Our first stop was a panorama looking down on the Sea. It was a hazy day but still impressive -- we could just see Israel on the other side of the Sea.

We continued up the hill and turned onto a side road that dropped into a valley.

The road snaked to the bottom of the valley where we found watefalls dropping into pools. The first was much too hot for us -- the sign claimed it was 150 degrees. The next was more comfortable and we enjoyed the shower and soaked in the pool.

We continued up the road to Madaba where we found an excellent restaurant for a late lunch. After lunch we headed home until Phyllis sighted an olive oil press. We bought two liters of fresh oil and the manager showed us the process.

Farmers unloaded bags of olives.

They dumped the olives into a hopper where a conveyer belt carried them into the machine.

The olives were mashed into a paste.

And the olive oil comes outh the other end.

The boys wished us good bye. (My car is the blue Hundai.)

And we went home!

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