Chisinau (pronounced "quiche in now") has many parks including several in the center of the city. Most people live in small houses with an extended family so they enjoy spending time in the parks.

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There are many statues and monuments all over the city. The city's favorite is probably Stefan Cel Mare (the Great). The main streets of Chisinau and many other Moldovan cities are named after him.

Acrosss the street from Stefan Cel Mare is the Arc de Triomph.


There is a large memorial for World War II.

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The square in the middle of the city does not have a statue. This one used to be there but was moved to the edge of an obscure parking lot.


Most churches fell into disrepair during the communist period following World War II. Two in the center of the city have been renovated.

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Chisinau has one park unlike any I have seen anywhere else, called an open air museum. They have put old military equipment out to be used as a playground! They have fighter jets, tanks and artillery that kids climb all over. Nobody watches over the place, people just wander in and use the tanks as jungle jims.

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Music is important to Moldovans. I hear it all the time. One Saturday they had a bunch of booths set up with people selling food and crafts. To attract attention they had two brass bands that took turns playing.


On the edge of the park is a restaurant that is often used for wedding receptions. Frequently bands are playing outside the restaurant and people are dancing. This is all in the park so the dancing is not limited to wedding guests. And one day it looked to me as though the band just set up to play for donations.


I will add more after I have explored more of the city and taken more pictures!

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