This site tells of David Martin's travels in Moldova.

I first came to Moldova for a two week visit at the end of September, 2000. A month later I returned for a two year assignment working with the Parliament on tax and budget issues.

I posted a somewhat random assortment of pictures and descriptions of my travels around the country. I stayed for two years. Then I left for Uzbekistan. For Uzbekistan and Georgia, Go To David Martin's Main Menu

If you have questions, please send me an email at davidsmartin@alumni.williams.edu

Chisinau -- Moldova's Capital City (Added Dec 2, 2000)

Shopping in Chisinau-- At Chisinau there are many outdoor markets for shopping. I visited a few of them. (Added Dec 2, 2000)

Tsipova Monastery-- A day trip from Chisinau to a monastery built into caves on a cliff above the Nishu River. (Added November 28, 2000)

Parliament Passes the Budget! (Added Jan 4, 2001)

Moldova's Presidential Election (Added Jan 4, 2001)

Christmas Time (Added January 4, 2001)

New Years (Added January 15, 2001)

Agro-Tourism: A trip to Sarata Noua (Added April 7, 2001)

Saharna Monastery and Soroca Fortress (Added April 7, 2001)

Happy Birthday to Me (Added May 9, 2001)

Romania's Painted Monasteries (October 9, 2001)

Winemaking in a Moldovan Village(October 18, 2001)

Protests in the Streets(February 2, 2002)

A visit to Turkey's Aegean coast(April, 2002)

Birthday, 2002(May 5, 2002)

A picnic on the river(May, 2002)

One Sunday in June(June, 2002)

Fishing on the Danube Delta(September 26, 2002)